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Freelance Editor /Filmmaker | London, UK

‘Power’ and ‘influence’ are not always common words associated to film, but I am a strong believer in the connection and impact a great story can have on an audience and how that experience can stay with them for a lifetime. My ambition and passion in life is to create and be a part of those films and TV shows that resonate with an audience, to have the capability to evoke emotion, ideas, understanding and even influence change.

My passion for film blossomed from a young age, sat by my father’s feet while he was in his armchair, watching films from all over the world. He spoke passionately about the films that left such an impression on him throughout the years. I was fascinated by the excitement in his voice and the sparkle in his eyes as he recalled each moment.

I was always attracted to the magic of film and television, the way storytelling has the ability to make you feel happiness, excitement, anxiety or sorrow. And how some films can change your life or stay with you for a lifetime, like the story unfolding on screen was a memory of your own. Now, I am striving to walk down the path that can fulfil my life-long goal of creating more films like the ones my father has cherished all his life.

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